be in Puerto Rico on thursday

Discussion in 'Members Introductions' started by mick r, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. mick r New Member

    flying out with my wife on the 8th November .we have been to Puerto Rico a few times now and love the weather and the people.especially the Scandinavians who are all very friendly
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  2. Welcome Michael, I moved your post to the introductions thread :) So, what's your favourite thing to do in Puerto Rico?
  3. mick r New Member

    got to say we love just to chill out and do nothing but catch the sun and have a few refreshments .good to be in the heat when back home its usually cold and raining
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  4. mick r New Member

    Sun sea and loads of refreshments and chilling out the order of the day.Also watch the Hoops next Saturday
    Hail Hail

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  5. Nothing like a good chill out - countdown for you now Mick!

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