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  1. The Carnival of Maspalomas runs from 15th - 24th February this year and the theme is Maspalomas Planet! I'm expecting to see hundreds of astronauts, crazy aliens, Star Trek and probably plenty of tinfoil, but the thing I love about carnival here in Gran Canaria is the creativity that people put into their costumes.

    In my opinion the best carnival costumes are the DIY, blood, sweat and tears kind even if you have to purchase a couple of accessories from local costume shops.

    There is always so much happening at Carnival that it's handy to have a guide of what's on and where, here is a pocket size downloadable guide to events.

    Look out for Tourist Carnival Day on Friday 22nd and of course the big parade where everybody is welcome to dress up, let their hair down and enjoy themselves which is happening on Saturday 23rd at 17:00 from Avenida de Italia at C.C Tropical in Playa del Ingles and ends in C.C Yumbo. If you are watching the parade, then this is a great spot to get in one of the local bars and watch the floats as they pass by.

    Wishing you all a safe and wonderful carnival season for 2013! Will you be here during these dates? What will you dress as, in fitting with the PLANET theme?

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  2. I can't believe there are only 4 days more left of Carnival in Playa del Ingles! I did go on Sunday to see the Children's Carnival Queen show, but it started a bit later than planned and I had to be elsewhere - there are some fantastic photos from that night on Playa del Ingles Facebook page.

    Thursday night is the Drag Carnival Queen night which is often a busy one and still plenty of people in costume... Friday daytime at Maspalomas beach is the rescue of the Sardine and then the Tourist Carnival! The for the big one on Saturday at 17:00h The Big Carnival Parade. Sometimes I join in with this one in costume, but it's just as fun to watch, if you go to Avenida de Italia near to C.C Tropical, you will see all the floats pass through the streets and there are bars to grab a drink. This year I think I will be going to watch and take photographs, wearing some kind of Alien attire in keeping with the theme maybe :)

    Sunday at C.C Anexo II there is a daytime carnival at 14:00h then the Burial of the sardine and fireworks, so the weekend has plenty of fun in store!

    Are any of our readers/members here for the celebrations? Do you have a costume ready? :)
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    Wish I was..... :(
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