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  1. There has been so much buzz about the new shopping center C.C El Tablero opening since last year, the company have been active on Facebook and Twitter giving fans a sneak peek of what was to come.

    Today (22/03/13) was the grand opening of the new shopping center for the south of Gran Canaria in El Tablero.


    This new center has plenty of shops - Claire's Accessories in prime position on one entrance and Hiperdino Supermarket on the other with car parking. The place was full to the brim with shoppers this afternoon eager to see what shops are in the new center.


    Let me just add that Hiperdino has the largest cheese counter I've ever seen in a supermarket (although I still couldn't find the lactose free cheese). They have a new app coming out very soon, which allows customers to compare prices on items instore against other supermarkets, so if you are a regular to Hiperdino or Mercadona in the El Tablero area then keep and eye out for that.


    Free Wifi
    El Tablero shopping center has a free wifi hotspot which allows 2 hours connection in total from the time of logging on. Considering the volume of people it was a pretty good connection and I managed to upload a large photo up to @GranCanariaBlog's twitter live from the opening. When I went into Hiperdino the connection was lost and I switched over to Hiperdino's own wifi connection, which didn't seem to have a time limit on it, but I don't think you could sit in there with a laptop all day ;)


    As with most shopping centers on the island, the top floor is for restaurants and let me say it has a fantastic view. The bars and restaurants were yet to open, if I remember correctly 100 Montaditos, Fr35ko, Bavaria Bar and a frozen yoghurt bar. The whole center is sort of open air, (not as spaced out as Las Terrazas though) so the shops have their own air condition units and the roof is open. You can see right over to Sonnneland - Palm Oasis Hotel, Dunas Mirador and up to the mountains.

    Not that I need an excuse to visit this new centro comercial again, but once the restaurants and bars open on the top floor, I will make another blog post with pics to let you know where is good to eat and drink. (You can also check out the Shopping section of the gallery for more photos from the grand opening)

    Have you visited the new El Tablero Shopping Center yet? Did you manage to go on the opening day? I'd love to hear your comments on this new addition to the island.

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  2. I haven't to El Tablero shopping center since the opening day, but they announced on their various social networks that they are open 365 days a year! Even the shops are open on Sundays! I don't know if this is a temporary thing as they establish themselves or it's permanent but it's good to know there is somewhere to shop on a Sunday when it's too hot for the beach :) Might go take another look in a few days and see how they are getting on with the restaurants, need a good place for cake and coffee up there :)
  3. Frozen yoghurt company llaollao have just opened up on the top floor of C.C El Tablero, so hoping to check them out soon. Hoping the other bars are coming along a little quicker as that will be the deal breaker of the center, seeing as many people may not have money to buy things but they will still have a coffee or ice cream.
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    Is this where I can find Primark?

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