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  1. Let's try out a new feature on Gran Canaria blog in the form of a weekly roundup. So much happens during the week and maybe I post it on Twitter but not the blog or Facebook or vice versa.

    There are always juicy little tidbits of Gran Canaria news floating round too, so this ICYMI (in case you missed it) style post is a good place to gather it all up.


    Gran Canaria Weather

    March started with some sandstorms known as calima on the island, the sky was dusty and the wind was warm, but it soon cleared and we've been enjoying beautiful cloudless skies like this one in Taurito.


    I was tweeting with Mr @GranCanariaLocal and he thinks Summer has arrived early up in Las Palmas. It certainly feels like it here in the south too, but I did hear we may have some rain on the way this week, so I will keep you updated on that.

    Things to do in Gran Canaria

    There's a new old place to explore in Playa de Mogán - Cañada de los Gatos archaeological site opened up this month. Here's a short video and you can also read the blog post here.

    Have you discovered anything new to do in Gran Canaria?

    Gran Canaria Shopping

    Semana Santa is on the way and Mercadona are selling gluten free Easter eggs and treats. I spotted them at the El Tablero store but I imagine they will be available in other areas too. Let me know if you see anything interesting in the shops.


    Gran Canaria News

    Last week Paco González (the Mayor of Mogán) signed papers and gave the go-ahead to a near half million euro project (496.044,17€) which aims to improve the pathway from Patalavaca to Arguineguin on the GC-500. The improvements are much needed, some of the walls are very crumbly and salt damaged. This stretch of coast is great for walking and jogging so here's to change.


    That's all for this roundup, let me know in the comments what you think about this new feature and anything you would like to see on the blog in the future.

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