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Discussion in 'Gran Canaria Weather' started by Matthew, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. Matthew Member

    what is the weather like this Easter Monday?

    Cold here in Wales but be back in Gran Canaria in August :D
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  2. Sorry to hear it's cold in Wales. We've had such nice weather for "Semana Santa" (Holy Week) we don't have Bank Holiday Monday for Easter here but the weather has just been lovely.

    Blue skies and big white fluffy clouds, although some darker clouds in the mountains with rain. Resorts have had plenty of sunshine though. Quite hot in Playa del Ingles this afternoon also. (will attach pic)
  3. A cloudy start to the day but warm and humid a couple of hours with blue sky in Puerto Rico this afternoon. It's since clouded over in Arguineguin too. No weather warnings as such but looks like it could be a little cloudy tomorrow also.
  4. Another sort of cloudy day but it's warm at the same time. According to the forecast the cloud should be leaving and sunshine is on it's way again.
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  5. Beautiful weather today in the south of Gran Canaria. Bright blue sky with little whips of cloud and it's beginning to really warm up at midday. Even now at 7:40pm it is bright and sunny! :) Sunset is usually about 8:30pm now.
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  6. Another cloudless sky today and the forecast for the week ahead is looking good too. :D
  7. Miss Norway Active Member

    Is it going to be very hot later this week? Saw it on El Tiempo
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  8. Matthew Member

    Yeah, might be 35C in the shade this weekend in Gran Canaria first summer calima this year.
  9. That's right and I noticed the UV index is going right up to 11. I've just been out walking and let me tell you it's heating up. There is an orange weather warning for Saturday of high temperatures of 37ºc degrees. Best advice is take shade, hydrate and refresh. Will write more once I know anything, but on Tuesday when I was at Amadores Beach Club I noticed the sky changing, from a bright blue this haze and it went cool, that is very typical in the days before a heatwave.
  10. A few days ago whilst having a well deserved day off at Amadores Beach Club Spa in Puerto Rico, I was lazily looking up at the sky and noticed the bright blue skies changed to haze. It was very hot sunbathing near to the salt water pool and I realised we must have a heatwave on the way.

    Canarias7 newspaper are reporting today that Canary Islands are due a heatwave and calima on Saturday 20th April. AEMET have in fact placed a yellow weather warning for extreme heat from Friday 19th with temperatures of 34ºc degrees expected, elevating to an orange warning with temps 37ºc degrees.

    The heatwave is also expected to bring 'polvo en suspensión' which is basically what is often referred to as a calima, where the sand from the Sahara is picked up in the atmosphere, causing a hot haze that lingers over the islands.


    The Government advises to take precautions in extreme heat especially children, the elderly and anyone with illness. Drinking plenty of water, taking shade, using sun protection and staying out of the direct sun in the middle of the day are advised.

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  11. Today started off hot and proceeded to get more and more hazy as the day went on. This afternoon the sky was super hazy but still with sun shining through. The UV index is very high, so there is a higher chance of burnt skin and dehydration, so be sure to take care. Right now at 1am there is a slight breeze blowing but the orange weather warning of intense heat is in place from 10am Saturday morning.
  12. Phew it's hot out there! I woke at 4am because the wind was quite strong, blowing sand around and then again early this morning, but it's not really been windy again since then. It's a lot warmer than yesterday and I've taken the close all doors and windows approach instead of going outside. It's thirsty weather so I've been drinking loads of water and ice tea. The news reported that this heatwave will continue until Monday!
  13. Matthew Member

    Thanks for the weather updates. Does not sound like you can stay outside for long with the heat coming off the wind. I have been in a few heatwaves in Gran Canaria once was low of 44c and time was almost midnight.
  14. I've just ventured out, the sky is still grey and gloomy but it feels about 1 degree cooler than earlier. Really if the heatwave is on it's way out by tomorrow then we should see some more wind to get rid of the sand in the sky. Why is it always windy when I'm trying to sleep? :)
  15. The sky turned a different colour before sunset, like I could see more of the blue sky behind all the sand. It's dark now and I've opened some windows so hopefully it cools down soon. This might sound strange but it would actually be in good interest if it rained a little bit in the night, it will get rid of the contamination.
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  16. Matthew Member

    It is a bugger to try and sleep when you can hear wind so annoying.
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  17. Thankfully it's cooled down somewhat today, the air isn't as hot and we are getting back to 'normal' temperatures again, which is hot enough :D The sky is returning to the lovely blue that we all know and love. By Sunday the temperatures should be really back to normal and UV index back down to 10 or so.
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  18. Miss Norway Active Member

    It sounds like you have had some hot days! There are few hotels in Puerto Rico that have aircondition, so I hope I not will have this heat on one of my vacations down there.....

    Do you know if they have getting startet the work with the park in Puerto Rico? (I think there is something wrong with that sentences...... :mad:)
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