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Discussion in 'Gran Canaria Weather' started by Pete, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. Pete New Member

    Hi we are going to peurto RICO Friday 3rd aug for one week would love to no the proper weather for this weekend and next week thanks
  2. Miss Norway Active Member

    I read on a norwegian website, that a new heatwave is starting maybe today and it would last for about a week. So I think you would get enough heat. ;) I hope you got aircondition on you hotel. :)
  3. Matthew Member

  4. [IMG]
    Can you believe it is the month of August already?! Well here we are and it started with another heatwave, which I did mention in the last post here:

    The sky is quite thick with dust and no blue skies today in Puerto Rico, I had a good walk round by the harbour, will upload some new photos to

    The air is humid but, now and again there is also a cool breeze. AEMET warned of max temperatures of 39 ºC for today and placed an orange weather warning, but it's doesn't feel as hot as say other heatwaves, yet. The sun isn't out so maybe that is why.

    So far the orange warning is in place until Saturday 4th August and usually it takes a few days to cool back down again, so it's more than likely to be hazy with sand from the desert until at least Sunday. Will keep you posted! :D
  5. Matthew Member

    I hope it has gone by Monday evening I am coming to Gran Canaria then had a few on these heatwave when been out there they are not nice.
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  6. Well so far so good Matthew, the forecast isn't showing heatwave for Monday, still orange warning for tomorrow but if we are lucky it will be gone by the time you get here. The last heatwave I had the fans on in my house constantly but there is even a breeze with this one, so although a more muggy looking sky it's not as bad.
  7. Well today was quite a hot one again! Last night around 6pm in Playa del Ingles it actually rained for 10 minutes which was so refreshing after the continuous heatwaves. The dust cleared from the sky a little after that and there was some blue peeking through.

    Today in Maspalomas through to Arguineguin and Puerto Rico the skies have been hazy once again with high temperatures of what feels like 34ºc degrees. This evening however feels cooler and the weather warning has been lifted. Let's see what tomorrow brings. ;)
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  8. cjb New Member

    Hi, could you give an update regarding temps and heat wave possibility please, we arrive tomorrow evening (9th August) and would like a heads up on what the weather will be like.
  9. Well no sooner did we get rid of the last heatwave, another is upon us! Today isn't so bad but over the weekend temperatures are expected to reach almost 40ºc degrees in the south of Gran Canaria. I've lost count of the heatwaves so far this Summer, maybe 5?

    The last heatwave wasn't as bad as the one at the beginning of July so let's see how this one is. As you can see from the live webcam over Amadores Beach it's gone a little hazy.

    Drink plenty of water, take shade, slap that sunscreen on... I'll keep you posted.
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  10. After a very hot July and several heatwaves, the Canary Islands are in for yet another scorcher.

    AEMET have issued a yellow weather warning for high temperatures from today (9th August) increasing to orange and high temperatures of 39ºc degrees expected over the weekend in Gran Canaria.

    Check out Gran Canaria forum for daily weather reports from Gran Canaria.



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  11. Matthew Member

    I was hoping to miss a heatwave they are horrible. I am in maspalomas it is cloudy no warm wind yet.
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  12. Yes, yesterday in Arguineguin it went from feeling very hot, to cloudy skies then we had 5 minutes of very light rain (blink and you'll miss it) the wind got up and then it was just calm and humid. Will update a bit later, looks like the Mainland of Spain is also having a heatwave but more intense, at least we have the sea breeze.
  13. Matthew Member

    Wind has picked up a lot here now in Maspalomas in the last to hours.
  14. Elvisnotts New Member

    Just come across this forum today. Read in one of our sunday paper about fires out there so been getting
    alittle worried as we fly out on the 27th August and had a missed called of travel agents so when read the story
    got me worried glad found this forum now to find info out.
  15. Matthew Member

    I am out in Gran Canaria right now and i over heared someone saying there is a heatwave coming in thursday. Is this true?
  16. Hi Elvisnotts welcome to the forum, yes there have been terrible fires on Tenerife and La Gomera and I've been keeping up to date with them via Tenerife Forum

    Hi Matthew, I didn't hear of another heatwave, but just checking online now AEMET don't have any notices (although reliable, they tend to issue warning the day before)

    but looking on one of my favourite weather forums Caza Tormentas, it appears we may well have another heatwave coming in yes. I really hope not, seeing as the heat isn't helping with the fires.

    note: Just wanted to add, it's felt really cool and breezy the past couple of days, with gorgeous skies and certainly sunbathing weather.

  17. A beautiful day today with blue skies and the afternoon was lovely and breezy, to top it off a brilliant orange, mid August sunset too, in the south. It's been on the local news about the heatwave on 19th - 21st - although still nothing on AEMET as yet. I think they are taking some caution (and so they should) in warning people first, considering the latest outbreaks of fires on some of the other Canary Islands.

    Temperatures (normally) are around 32ºc degrees, more news on the heatwave soon I'm sure I will feel it before it makes news.
  18. After a beautiful day yesterday and an excellent day for the beach, it seems the tell tale heatwave clouds have gathered in the south at least. The wind got up a little about 20 minutes ago and it's feeling a bit humid the heatwave is apparently starting tomorrow.
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  19. We've lost count but this is about the 6th heatwave in Gran Canaria, so far this Summer and according to AEMET, things will be heating up from Monday 20th August in Gran Canaria, starting with a yellow weather warning for high temperatures of 34ºC degrees. This will increase to orange warning on Tuesday 21st, when we could see temperatures just under 40ºC degrees.

    Considering the latest outbreak of fires on the Canary Islands, we're hoping things don't get too hot.


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  20. Quite muggy today and hazy, already feels pretty warm and it's only 10:30am. The heatwave looks like it's here til at least Wednesday.
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