Gran Canaria Weather - December 2012

Discussion in 'Gran Canaria Weather' started by Miss Norway, Dec 4, 2012.

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  1. Miss Norway Active Member

    I miss an update from the december weather. I can see from the webcamera that it its pretty cold in the morning.
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  2. Matthew Member

    Been viewing the webcams today and it does look windy out there. Temp dropped to 15C last night too it said on one weather website.
  3. Miss Norway Active Member

    Very quiet in here....:(
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  4. Matthew Member

    Yeah :( I dunno why.
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  5. Hi there, sorry for lack of updates as we are away from the island at the moment (even we need a break sometimes) :) we have been getting updates from the island though and although it has cooled down a little as is normal for the Winter months, it is still warm during the middle of the day and we have some new photos of people sunbathing from today and earlier on in the week, from Anfi del Mar beach.
    It's nice to see my little updates are missed, and hopefully I can get a few more on in the next few days.
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  6. Miss Norway Active Member

    Nice to hear from you! :DYes, your updates have been missed. ;) I can see from the webcam that the nights is cold now.
    Hope you are having a nice trip away from the island. :)
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