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Discussion in 'Gran Canaria Weather' started by Miss Norway, Sep 30, 2012.

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  1. Miss Norway Active Member

    How is usually the weather in january? I maybe go to Puerto Rico 9. january. I know that the temperature is not so much over 20 degrees, but is it a lot of cloudy days?
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  2. I moved this question, as I thought it deserved it's own thread :)

    Last January we took a nice stroll on the promenade from Amadores Beach to Puerto Rico Beach and here are some photos and blog post that you might enjoy:

    As you can see blue skies and I remember it being a hot day. Here's another post from January:

    The evenings can certainly feel a lot cooler and daytime if a sunny day you can still enjoy the beach! We do get the odd cloudy day in Winter, but the past year has been very dry.
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  3. Miss Norway Active Member

    I read on another forum that last winter was unusal cold. Dont know if it was cloudy, but they talked about temperature. I guess that we can expect around 22 degrees at daytime, and about 16 at night. Isnt that right? It looked great on your pictures! :)
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  4. That sounds about right but for locals it can feel really cold, some days we have a hot day, others can feel cooler especially if it's cloudy.
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  5. Miss Norway Active Member

    12 days, and I am in Puerto Rico! :D:D:D The weather looks fine right now, and I really hope it will last! :cool:
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  6. Matthew Member

    Hope you have a good time.
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  7. Matthew Member

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  8. Miss Norway Active Member

    Great with another webcam! :D
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  9. Thanks for carrying on the weather discussions Miss Norway and Matthew, I'm back from a much needed break!

    Came back to beautiful sunshine, quite hot in the day times when the sun is out but cooler in the shade, I find I need a hoodie for the evenings. Gorgeous blue skies and plenty of people on the beach this week! :)
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  10. Miss Norway Active Member

    Sounds just great with the heat and the sun, and its nice to have you back her. :D I had a look at the El Tiempo weather site, and it seems like it is going to be some rain from next thursday. Have you seen any weatherreport for next week?
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  11. I've just checked my favourite weather sites and don't see any rain as yet, which area are you looking at for ElTiempo, as Puerto Rico is coming up with sunshine for the next week.

    Also checked - the government weather site which is usually accurate and nothing there except a 10% chance of rain on the 14th which isn't much.

    This is a good link to observe any rain on the radar, if any:
  12. Miss Norway Active Member

    I had a look for the 17th, 18th and 19th january, and there it seemed to be some rain. But I cross my fingers! Thank you for the link. :)
  13. Matthew Member

    Welcome back Admin hope you had a good Christmas and happy new year to you. The weather did look cloudy today in Gran Canaria and when I was viewing the Minigolf Yumbo I did see a few people in jackets.
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  15. Matthew Member

    love the photos of the sun going down lovely:) It is a bit different to the weather here sleet is the weather here (South Wales) for tomorrow.
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  16. Miss Norway Active Member

    Three days, and I am there. :) I am following the weathersites every day, but it sadly seems to be some cloudy days from nex weekend. I really hope this will change! What do you think, admin?
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  17. Well it´s another beautiful day, blue skies and sunshine. There is talk of a change in the weather on the way on my favourite weather forum Caza Tormentas, but I always prefer to see a bit closer to the time how things will be. AEMET have issued weather warnings for high waves on some of the islands but not Gran Canaria as yet, so there are some choppy seas and according to their site 20% chance of rain in the Mogan area next weekend, but like I said that could change.
  18. Miss Norway Active Member

    Ok, thank you for your answer. We cross our fingers and hope that the chance of rain is 0% when we come to the weekend. :) Now my suitcase are almost ready, and its just two days before I finally is back in Puerto Rico. :D
  19. Miss Norway Active Member

  20. That sounds about right Miss Norway, but only in the Winter, especially if the readings were taken in a valley where the sun doesn't shine for quite a few hours from afternoon to morning. It soon warms up though and midday is perfect for sunbathing at the moment. :)
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