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    Well here we are the 1st of July already in Gran Canaria and after last weeks heatwave the sky is getting back to it's bright, blue self again, after suspended sand from the Sahara left a haze throughout the islands.

    July is usually hot but there are still enjoyable breezes, the forecast is looking good for the week ahead in the south, sunny skies and we do have a yellow warning for waves in the south coasts, UV index is high at 11. Las Palmas could have a cloudier start the first week of July.

    Live report from Arguineguin right now is hot sun and blue skies.... even 5pm in the afternoon is good to hit the beach! :)
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  2. It's been a great day today weather wise, hot but with a lovely sea breeze in the Las Meloneras area, with blue skies, still a tiny bit of haze in the sky but that is normal after last weeks heatwave.
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  3. A beautiful but hot day today in Arguineguin, slight haze and temperatures are in the low 30's in the midday sun. Vecindario was it's normal windy self this afternoon, but still hot. The Mogan zones (Arguineguin, Mogan, Puerto Rico) are due for much of the same hot, sunny weather this week as the Fiestas del Carmen celebrations begin, which is always good for the water fight parade.
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  4. It's another hot one today here in the South West of Gran Canaria. The sun is very intense and earlier I could feel the sun burning through my t-shirt, so it's very important to be sun safe on your holiday, wear the correct sunscreen, taking shade, hydrating and so on. The UV index has been around 11 this past week so the radiation is high.

    We aren't having a heatwave but it is hazy, which always seems about normal for these weeks in the year. You can see the haze on this webcam from Puerto Rico harbour:
  5. A hot day for the south of Gran Canaria, right up until Telde where the clouds took over and it was very fresh and windy.

    The outlook for the weekend in the south is looking great, which is good news as the Fiestas del Carmen start this evening in Arguineguin, moving onto Mogan :D
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  6. Matthew Member

    is there another heatwave on the way for this Monday coming (16 July) ?
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  7. Hi Matthew, are you sure you aren't a weather man? ;) Yes it looks like we are due another heatwave but the weather warning was only issued today on INM. Apparently there will be high temperatures of 34ºc degrees from Sunday morning.

    Today in Arguineguin and the last few days it has been quite hazy but still with a nice breeze. Usually this week in the year can be one of the hottest.
  8. Matthew Member

    No I am not a weather man lol, just keeping a close eye on the weather coming out to Gran Canaria for 2 weeks in August.
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  9. AEMET have isssued a yellow and orange weather warning for high temperatures in Gran Canaria this weekend.

    Saturday is to expect temperatures of 34ºc degrees, which increase with the orange warning for Monday 16th to 38ºc degrees.


    Continue Reading in ..
  10. Today seems a bit better and despite the heat there has still been a nice breeze at night time. The weather warning has been decreased from orange to yellow and should remain yellow for a couple of days. Hopefully the calima will start to dissipate and the bright blue skies that we love will be back.

    I personally don't feel this heatwave was as bad as the previous one, but it could be that I'm getting used to them now, although they make me sneeze! :eek::confused::)
  11. Hot hot hot and the heatwave is set to stay for the weekend according to AEMET, which we blogged about here:

    It actually felt like it was cooling down today as well, there seems to be some normal cloud appearing. I'm hoping for that lovely bright blue sky to come back soon so I can take some nice photographs without the haze. The best plans for the next few days are to enjoy a nice cool down in the sea and pool. :cool:
  12. There is a bit of a breeze this morning although it looks like the south of Gran Canaria is back on orange weather warning for high temperatures of 40ºc degrees. It's back down to yellow for tomorrow and then usually it takes a couple of days to get back to normal.
  13. Matthew Member

    one long heatwave almost a week now.
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  14. Yes, it did start to fade out but then then along came another warning. I haven't ventured out today yet, but it's pretty hazy out and there is a nice breeze running through the house, will give some reports from other parts of the island a bit later on
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  15. Finally the heatwave is leaving and the normal (and wonderful) temperatures of around 30/32ºc degrees are almost back in place. This afternoon was enjoyed on the luxurious roof terrace of Gloria Palace San Agustin, where the breeze was coming from the sea and although hot was more bearable than last week. Tomorrow I have a feeling the skies will be a gorgeous blue and the haze will be gone.

    Check out some photographs from today's adventure at Gloria Palace here:
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  16. The bright blue skies are back hurray! Finally, finally the sky has cleared of sand and dust from the Sahara and we have fantastic weather once again, with a really nice breeze. Temperatures are back to the seasonal average of around 30ºc degrees.

    Here is a photo we snapped yesterday of La Mar Beach Club in Puerto Rico:
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  17. It's been much cooler and more pleasant compared to the heatwave days in the past couple of weeks. Hot enough to tan but also with a nice breeze so if you prefer the shade it's comfortable. Looking ahead, we could well be getting yet another heatwave according to AEMET. I did notice that yesterday seemed a bit hazy again, this one will come in from Thursday onwards apparently, on Gran Canaria and Tenerife, with high temps of 34ºc degrees expected.

    I will keep an eye on this... the sky does seem a bit dusty today...
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