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    Welcome to the Gran Canaria Weather - June thread! It's a new month and the days are heating up as we head into Summer. Daytime temperatures are now around 30ºc degrees in the South of the island.

    Today Telde saw bright blue skies with a large cloud hovering over the airport towards Playa del Ingles and then from Sonneland, Arguineguin further along the coast the sun shone again. Night times still have a nice breeze and it's comfortable enough to sleep without the aircon switched on.
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  2. Great weather again today, bright blue skies and temperatures around 30ºc degrees with a nice breeze in the Arguineguin / Puerto Rico area.
  3. sunlove New Member

    hey gran canaria! im coming on the 9th for a week stay (not long now so excited!) just wondered what the weather will be likely be like next week? thanks!
  4. Hi sunlove welcome to the forum! Are you staying in the South of Gran Canaria? Today in Playa del Ingles even at 5pm it was very hot. Over 30ºc degrees and very intense. I overheard a lady talking to her family in Las Palmas and they informed her that it was raining in the capital, which was hard to believe as it was bright blue skies, with wispy clouds all round the south coast :D

    At the moment it looks like it will stay like this, with a pleasant breeze at night times. Keep checking the updates here and I hope to add some photos too. You can also check the various webcams here:
  5. sunlove New Member

    thank you, im staying near puerto rico. i hope the weather is nice for the week!
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  6. Weather report for today: South of the island all very hot and blue skies, driving through Vecindario and past the airport the wind really picked up and as we headed toward Las Palmas, the clouds dominated the sky. At times I had my cardigan on but then as soon as the sun came out it was boiling around 27ºc degrees.

    One the way back down to the south, the clouds had blown out to sea and then it was scorchio, scorchio blue skies and temperatures over 30ºc degrees all the way back down the east/south coast.

    The forecast shows we could have some cloud around Sunday and Monday, but the interesting thing is the wind is set to really pick up from around Saturday. I will keep updating so stay tuned :D
  7. Matthew Member

    I just so rain on Monday for the south?
  8. I see 15% chance of rain for the Mogan area on the INM weather forecast for Monday and also very windy. It's something to keep an eye on, at the moment it's still sunny with blue skies at 8.30pm.
  9. Reporting live from Arguineguin, bright blue sky, not a cloud to be seen and very hot sun! Forecast still shows it's going to be windy from tomorrow. More info on that soon, it's probably still going to be hot though. Daily temperatures in the south coast of Gran Canaria are now around 30ºC degrees on a daily basis with high UV index so make sure to use the correct sunscreen for your skin otherwise you will burn.
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  10. Miss Norway Active Member

    Sounds just wonderful....... Some sun here these days, but cold winds from the north. :(
  11. AEMET have issued yellow weather warnings for all of the Canaries this Monday 11th/12th June. Gran Canaria in particular is to expect high wind gusts of 85 km/h in the middle of the island including the mountains, while the east, west and south coasts of Gran Canaria are in for some big waves.

    The weather in general is sunshine and temperatures of around 30c degrees in the south. Last week there were some showers in Las Palmas and villages in the mountainous zones. See Gran Canaria Forum for daily weather updates!



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  12. Matthew Member

    Is the wind the heatwave wind or cool wild?
  13. I'm not sure as the wind seems to be in the mountains, it's not like a calima or anything just really intense sun in the south anyway. Blue skies once again and the beach can be enjoyed right up until the late afternoon/early evening. According to AEMET the wind gusts will be apparent in the south too from today, but reporting live from Arguineguin, just seems like a normal breeze to me so far. I'll keep you posted.
  14. The weather is looking great again today, here in the south of Gran Canaria, we once again have bright blue skies, birds chirping and sunshine. Parts of the island and some of the other Canary Islands did have some strong wind gusts but mainly the mountainous areas. The forecast for the rest of the week is looking good too, sunshine all the way. The average day time temperatures are now around 31º C degrees in the sun with a high UV index of around 11/12 so make sure to apply the correct sunscreen for your skin, take shade, hydrate and enjoy!
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  15. Still great weather we are having, it will probably be pretty consistent now throughout the month as we head into Summer solstice and San Juan next week! In the south - Blue skies, temperatures around the same 30ºc degrees and high UV index.
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  16. Matthew Member

    Thank you for the weather updates :)
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  17. You're welcome! :) It's also worth noting that about 8pm at night is lovely to sit outside on a balcony or terrace, as the sun is setting, with a nice breeze!
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  18. Matthew Member

    That sounds nice. It is hammering down here in South Wales. Not to worry I will be out in Gran Canaria for 2 weeks in august :)
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  19. Yeah I heard the rain was bad over there! I like the rain, but maybe that's because it's such a novelty when we have it here on the island... :)
    It's another great day of sunshine in the south of Gran Canaria - blue skies once again, with a good looking forecast of sunshine for the week ahead! Temperatures still averaging 30ºc degrees + hotter on the beaches.

    Even Las Palmas was hot yesterday!
  20. Another day of fantastic weather, as was Sunday. The daytimes are hitting typical Summer daytime temperatures of 30ºc degrees plus now and it's lovely even when the sun has gone down. Blue skies again. My weather reports are getting boring, so much sunshine!!!
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