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  1. Hello June! It's officially Summer, well it feels like Summer all year round here anyway. Here we are having pretty much lovely weather everyday at the moment. It's currently 7.30pm and here in the south of Gran Canaria the sun is still shining and we have bright blue skies. I think it must still be about 24ºc degrees, so great if you can't drag yourself away from the beach or pool at this time of night it's not a problem.

    Looking at AEMET there are no weather warnings coming up for the islands, which is good news. Of course no sign of rain. The UV index is currently around 11 or 12 which means intense sunshine and we are having a lot of it. The closer we get to July and August the warmer it is going to be, a normal daily temperature for June would be high 20'sºc degrees.
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  2. A beautiful day once again here in the south of Gran Canaria. Bright blue sky, chirping birds and sunshine! Last night the sunset was wonderful overlooking Tenerife you could see Mt.Teide

    Not much to say in the way of forecasts for the week ahead as it looks sunny so far maybe with a little mix of cloud toward the end of the week and the UV index going down slightly. No weather warnings, all is good! :D
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  3. Miss Norway Active Member

    I guess that the weather often stay like this (sunny and warm) the whole summer at Gran Canaria? Maybe some wamer in july and august, but usually there is not many clouds?
    We have a lovely summerweather these days in the north of Norway. Last week we had about 25-26 degrees, wich is not usual this early in the summer. But we enjoy it! :D
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  4. Yes more or less! We can go a long time without seeing any threatening clouds, just fluffy ones! :D This month of June has been really pleasant so far. There were a few sticky days in May but so far it's about 28ºc degrees in the day times and cooler at night still. I noticed some holiday makers on Saturday evening with light jackets and cardigans on still, but I think that's because if you are in the sunshine all day the night time can feel a lot cooler, especially if you have some sunburn.

    The forecast for the week ahead looks good and we could start seeing some higher temperatures and increase in UV index towards the end of the week.

    Glad the weather is nice for you in Norway! Sounds like BBQ weather for you now? :)
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  5. Miss Norway Active Member

    Sounds very nice! I would love to spend a couple of weeks in Puerto Rico in the summer time. :) Yes, we have had some BBQ weather here, but today its very grey, windy and some rain. Like it often is in june. :(But, we hope for better days than this soon.
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  6. What boring weather we have! ;) Yesterday and today both scorching hot days in the south. Not a cloud in the sky and very intense heat, must be about 30ºc degrees, very easy to burn so make sure to use the right sunscreen for your skin and don't be fooled by the lovely breeze.

    I went cycling in Maspalomas and managed to burn my the top of my hand of all places, so make sure to re apply that sunscreen after swimming or even washing your hands, you will be surprised the places the sun hits that you don't think of.

    The forecast for the coming week is looking great, (there's never much change in the Summer except for a slow increase in temperature) no weather warnings either which is good news.

    I'm not sure how accurate this is but apparently we could have a heatwave at the end of the month coming from the Sahara. (as seen on CazaTormentas)
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  7. Blue sky, blue sky and more blue sky. But wait, what's that? Rain? Yes it did rain but I left the south of the island drenched in sunshine and near Vecindario a large cloud that loomed proceeded to give us the free car wash that we needed :) The sky looked so grey and miserable (Tuesday) but once again on returning to the south, sunshine! The island never fails to amaze me and it was a novelty for me to see some rain after having so many sunny days, I think I hadn't seen a cloud in 2 weeks ;)

    The outlook is good and Summer officially began yesterday, plus school is finished here too until the Autumn.

    This weekend we celebrate San Juan, with fireworks and bonfires:

    Plus there is going to be a Super Moon this weekend! (When the Moon is closest to the Earth) it should be clear, I did see it was looking bright last night, it just had shading on the bottom left edge, so I'm looking forward to watching that!
  8. Looks like another beautiful day here in the south of Gran Canaria, blue skies, sunshine and tweeting birds :) I did go to see the Super Moon last night in Las Meloneras, it was very bright, but I think it will be visible again this evening and more people will be outside enjoying the San Juan celebrations.

    Here are a couple of photographs from Las Meloneras last night:

    Temperatures are getting to 30/32ºc degrees at the hottest time of the day now, evenings are still cooler but pleasant.
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  9. Miss Norway Active Member

    Here we didnt see the moon. To cloudy. Sounds like you have wonderful days down there now. Nice and warm days. :D
  10. Matthew Member

    I so the moon here between black clouds moving and covering it from time to time. Victoria did you take any photos?
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  11. Yes I took a few photographs but not close ups as I didn't have my Nikon with me. I attached them in my previous post but here is the one with the Faro de Maspalomas:

    The moon was even brighter last night but it looked better through the eyes than the camera lens.
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  12. Matthew Member

    Thanks for the links the moon looked a lot better there than here.

    Is there a heatwave coming in for two days?
  13. Yesterday was pretty hot and hazy, it looked like a calima was coming in - today the wind has started in the South, it's a nice breeze for now but feels like it could turn into a heatwave yes. AEMET isn't showing any warnings as of yet.
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  14. Despite a cooler evening last night, AEMET have issued a yellow (low risk) weather warning for high temperatures of 34ºc degrees in Gran Canaria from today (27th June) lasting until Friday 28th June 19:00h.

    It's normal for temperatures to rise now as we go full steam ahead into Summer and the hottest months of July and August are just around the corner. This heatwave is expected in the south, west and east of the island.

    Stay up to date with live weather reports at Gran Canaria Forum.


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    Continue Reading in ..
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  15. Wow it was a hot one yesterday, I decided to chill out at home instead of being out in the heat this weekend. The weather warning has been lifted now but I think it will take until tomorrow to get back to normal 'hot enough' temperatures that we were having. I can't believe it's almost July! :eek:
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  16. It's been another hot one today, temperatures must have been around 35ºc degrees around lunchtime. We could have another hot day tomorrow by the look of the forecasts, but hopefully some relief by midweek.

    According to CazaTormentas we are in for 2 more heatwaves in July - if the models don't change, the first 20 days of the month could be hot hot hot!
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