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  1. I was just about to post in the April thread when I realised it's MAY already wow! I know I say it every time but I can't believe where the time goes really!

    Here we are enjoying a Bank Holiday for the 1st May it's the 'Día del Trabajador' or Labour Day as it's known in English. The day started out cloudy but now the sun is really shining bright, blue skies with white fluffy clouds. The forecast for the first week of the month looks good, no weather warnings just sunshine with a little cloud according to AEMET.

    Evenings at the moment are still cool and yes I still have my duvet on the bed but by dawn it's warmed up - I can see the duvet going into storage soon.

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  2. Another gorgeous day here in Gran Canaria! Hot but with a lovely breeze and the sunshine is still out now and it's past 7pm...... usually May can get quite hot and Summer is just around the corner I can feel it!
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  3. I noticed yesterday it had gone quite hot when I was at El Tablero Shopping Center, I don't think it's a heatwave, but the UV index has risen right up to 11 for this week so the sun is very intense.

    Again it's hot today, must be around 29/30ºc degrees. No weather warnings and looks like it will be hot with those wispy clouds for the remainder of the week! :D
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  4. Miss Norway Active Member

    Wish I was there.......:(
  5. Another hot day in paradise. Temperatures are rather intense today, showing on various temp clocks at 30ºc degrees but quite hazy too, last night was very hazy in Puerto Rico at sunset still cooler at night but my duvet has now been put into storage and sheets are plenty for the evenings now to get a comfortable sleep without fan or air conditioning.
    Photo of the day:
    According to AEMET, this intense heat should calm down by the weekend, when we could see a few cloudy days creeping in and the UV index will lower back to it's usual 9 for this time of the year as opposed to a very high 11/12.
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  6. Matthew Member

    The sky looks full of rain after viewing the webcams.
  7. It was! I went up to IKEA from the south and it was raining before we even reached Vecindario, very heavy rain which eased off at Telde. Apparently it went down to Playa del Ingles and the sky was dark and rainy in the south too. I have a video which I will upload to our Youtube channel here

    Today is quite cloudy but having sunny moments and quite humid at the same time. It looks like we got out April showers a bit late this year, but the next few days of forecast looks like the UV index is going back up again according to AEMET
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  8. Miss Norway Active Member

    Do it usually rain often in April?
  9. We normally have a few random rainy days before the hard heat of the Summer hits. Anywhere past the airport and up can have rainy days whilst the south sometimes doesn't see 1 raincloud for weeks. Webcams are looking a bit cloudy today though
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  10. Matthew Member

    What is the weather like right now please?
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  11. Sorry for lack of updates, the weather has been very much the same lately. The mornings having been starting off a little cloudy, with brighter skies appearing around 11am and some which fluffy clouds. There has been a lovely breeze too, which is making temperatures around 27 degrees or so. Night times have been pleasant, and I'd say it's still call for a light jacket or cardigan. For me this is the nicest weather at the moment and many people have been asking also about if it is going to rain, as forecasts for the north apparently say so. There has been some rain but in the island of La Palma.

    We are not forecast any rain here in the south of Gran Canaria as far as I know, we could have some more mixed sunny/cloudy days for the first days of June though and it's not cold.

    Hopefully tomorrow we will have a lovely picturesque sky again as it's a special day, Canary Islands Day and I'm hoping to take some photographs :D
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