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Discussion in 'Gran Canaria Weather' started by Gran Canaria Blog, Nov 1, 2012.

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    Happy 1st November, hope you all had a great Halloween, here today in Spain it is a public holiday when the deceased are remembered.

    If you were following our weather in the previous thread for October then you will know we had quite the stormy day yesterday. Reporting from Arguineguin, the sky is much brighter and the sun is out, which will be to many tourist's relief after the amount of rainfall yesterday.

    Check out this video from Puerto Rico shopping center from 31st October!!!!

    The tv forecast did say we would have some relief today but then it would continue to rain over the weekend, although that could be more in the mountainous zones of the island. Temperatures are still good, around 28ºc degrees when the sun is fully out.
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  2. Miss Norway Active Member

  3. Matthew Member

    Not the normal Gran Canaria weather in that video. Admin sorry to hear that your house flooded a bit :(
  4. The worst day was probably Halloween, since then it's been a bit cloudy but very humid and we had a few rain showers last night and this morning, but not heavy. It's cloudy today and the very bad weather seems to be in La Palma and Tenerife.

    The flood at my home looked worse than it was thankfully - the rain just came from nowhere so fast that the little drain on my roof was taken by surprise. All ok now though thanks
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  5. Miss Norway Active Member

    Is it very hot now to be in nowember? And what is the forecast for next week? Have some friends whos down there right now, and I really hope the sun will show up soon. :D
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  7. Another mostly cloudy but warm day here in Arguineguin, looks like another storm on the way as we have heavy rain warning for Tuesday.
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  8. Rain during the night and this morning in Arguineguin, cloudy and overcast - having said all that the yellow warning for heavy rain has been lifted for tomorrow. Once again Tenerife and the western islands are having a worse time of it.
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  9. Had some really hot day time temperatures and it's been a lovely day today. I went for an evening stroll and within 5 minutes of returning home we had a heavy downpour of rain in Arguineguin! Didn't expect any rain today but I think the AEMET forecasters have also been surprised this week with the bad weather in the North! Here you can see a collection of photographs from 7th November
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  11. Miss Norway Active Member

    How is the daytime temperature these days?
  12. Daytime temperatures are around 25-28ºc degrees with a pleasant breeze. :)

    Evenings are cooling down and forecast for the next few days in the south is cloud, although today is lovely and sunny with some chunky, fluffy clouds.
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  13. It's a cloudy/sunny day today - still mild temperatures, great weather for walking too! :)
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  14. Miss Norway Active Member

    Sounds fantastic....:D Here it`s raining, and it`s about 6 degrees. The snow is gone, so everyting is very grey. And wet. :(
    Wish you all a nice weekend! :D
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  15. Peter New Member

    Quite dismal here in the UK too.
    It's the perfect setting for a Jack The Ripper story. (very foggy)
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  16. Sorry to hear you have such cold and miserable weather! And.... welcome to the forum Peter!

    Here in the south today we have had fantastic weather, beautiful blue skies, even inland at Cercados de Espino it was very hot at one point. As it gets to 4.30pm/5pm it does begin to cool down a little and the evenings are cooling a bit too, but Winter weather in the Canaries is just perfect in my opinion! :)
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  17. Peter New Member

    Canaries weather is perfect most of the time and the Winter weather is the best, not too hot, not too cold.:)
    I totally agree. I doubt there is better weather anywhere else.
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  18. Matthew Member

    I was on one weather today and it said it was 26.9C in Maspalomas, Is this right?
  19. That sounds about average Matthew. I was in Puerto Rico today so not sure about Maspalomas, at midday it can certainly feel very hot maybe 28ºc degrees and then a slow decline, by 5pm it's usually cooled down but still above 20ºc
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  20. peter davies New Member

    Hi all, i have just joined the forum but wanted some weather info for the week starting 24/11/12, we will be staying in the gloria palace amadores, i have looked at lots of weather pages on the web but they all seem different, can anyone with a bit of local knowledge tell me if my wife & i will be sunbathing and taking a dip in the sea/pool what sort of temps can we expext,
    P.S has anyone any local knowledge of the gloria palace hotel amadores, any info would be great , thanks peter & deb
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