Gran Canaria Weather - October 2013

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  1. October is here and it's still very humid here in Gran Canaria! Usually this is the month when the evenings begin to cool down making it a pleasant contrast to the hot day time temperatures.

    At the moment we are having quite a cloudy day in the south of Gran Canaria. This photo is from Puerto Rico's Facebook page a couple of hours ago:

    There is talk of some rain from tomorrow, but I'll keep updating as soon as I know more. :)
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  2. a sunny start to the day in Arguineguin, then some rain. I went on a drive to Cercados de Espino and it was quite heavy rain there. Even some of the waterfalls started to flow! The white cloud had moved over in the afternoon and it looked like another downpour was in store for Arguineguin, but nothing as of yet. The forecast is showing a chance of rain in the area of Mogan tomorrow and cloud with sunshine.

    Here is a short video from my drive today. Note it was very refreshing and not at all cold!

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    Nice to see you back on the forum :)

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    Great video of the rain in Gran Canaria the last it rained back there was the day after I came home in August I think.
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  5. It's been fairly warm for October so far, but I can feel the evening temperatures starting to drop ever so slightly, which is nice after a hot day. Temperatures are around 27-29Âșc degrees in the day time (south of Gran Canaria) now and this is the time of the year when there can be quite a difference from the coast to the mountains.

    Today is very windy, fresh wind, but with very blue sky so far. Forecast is looking good for the week ahead. Just noticed on Caza Tormentas this precipitation graphic for rain expected around 21st of this month:

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    Going down in january. :D :D :D Its good to have something like this to look forward to. :D :D :D

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