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    Goodbye August and hello to September! It's a new month and we can still expect to see hot days this month. There is always a little change around the 2nd week of this month when the waves change, I've noticed in past years. Apparently from Monday the evenings will be cooler than previous nights, which will be gladly received, as the Summer nights have been quite sticky. So far so good, no weather warnings, and bright blue skies and sunshine outside in the South of Gran Canaria.

  2. A hot day here in the south of Gran Canaria, although early this morning there was a lovely breeze around 7 or 8am - blue skies with a little haze and temperatures the usual 30/35ºc degrees at the hottest part of the day. It's gone 6pm and still a great time to be at the beach or pool topping up that tan.
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  3. Another beautiful day with blue skies here in the south of Gran Canaria. :D
  4. Midweek and we are already having a beautiful sunny start to September! The nights are cooling down slowly and the days are still hot with those temperatures in around 30ºc degrees.

    There's a very good chance of a dust storm/calima/heatwave with sandy skies over the weekend, which I will keep you posted on. Nothing on AEMET or the news yet but I did find a Calima Model graph


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  5. Ok so no calima (desert dust) as such but we have had high clouds, bright blue skies and lots and lots of sunshine. Temperatures are starting to descend of an evening now, little by little and are more comfortable to sleep, but the day times are still hot with around 30ºc degrees and very good tanning weather. There is a little bit more of a breeze in the south lately which is very welcome, especially around sunset.

    No weather warnings, forecast for the Mogan area says we could have a bit of cloud tomorrow afternoon? I'll keep you posted :)
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  6. As predicted it did get a little cloudy yesterday but was still hot and pretty humid under the cloud too. It did make for a precious sunset though, which we captured from Amadores Beach in our photo of the day.

    The skies are blue today, again temperatures around 30ºc at the hottest time of the day and cooler at night. There is an Atlantic Storm, but at the moment it looks like only La Palma will be affected, it's something to keep an eye on in the next few days though.

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    No sun today in Puerto Rico?
  8. A bit of a cloudy, fresh start to the day yes but now it's sunny :D I can tell the season is changing though, it's lovely :)
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  9. Quite hot today and not a cloud in the sky in the south of Gran Canaria. I've said this a few times but evenings are really pleasant with the breeze. In the newspaper Canarias7 it says the temperatures will begin a descent from tomorrow, but either way day time temperatures are probably going to stay around 29ºc degrees in our perpetual Summer.
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  10. For the past few days we have had hot weather, a few cloudy starts to the day but then blazing sunshine, especially today. During the late afternoon, in the South of Gran Canaria, the clouds drew in and it looked like rain. Driving up to Playa del Ingles this evening, the mountains looked extremely cloudy although it was pretty humid.

    You may have heard that there is a storm brewing nearby in the Atlantic 'Tropical Storm Nadine' - everyday is changing on whether or not the Canaries will be affected by this storm. Spaghetti models are showing various paths to the East and the latest shows a route between Madeira and the Canary Islands.

    So far it looks like we may get the tail end of the storm in the form of some wind and rain from Sunday or Monday. In truth it may totally miss the islands and it carries on with sunshine and blue skies, I think even the officials are having trouble predicting this one.

    I will keep you updated.
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  11. Looks like we will be affected by Tropical Storm Nadine after all, today it seems really windy compared to previous days but still hot and sunny. AEMET have finally put out a yellow warning and we should expect rain from Sunday. The islands really do need a good downpour after what seems like the driest year ever.

    So far, blue skies but very windy in Arguineguin. I will keep you posted.
  12. A cloudy start to the day, and quite windy! The sun is very hot and clouds amidst the blue skies. The rain we are expecting today and tomorrow is actually coming from Africa, although 'NADINE' is still to the west of the Canary Islands.

    Reading reports, there are so many opinions it's hard to make out if Tropical Storm Nadine will pay us a visit, but for now we are keeping an eye on the incoming storm from Africa.

    4pm this afternoon and if you find a suntrap, you will surely catch some sunrays, it must be 30+ degrees out there, although there are random gusts of wind.

    Will update if and when things change.
  13. 4.50pm The sky has clouded over in Arguineguin and the wind continues. It's still very warm and humid though.

    I've heard it's started raining in Fuerteventura, so it looks like that rain is on it's way.
    (I've stacked my sunloungers and taken my parasol down just incase the wind gets up too much)
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  14. 5.45pm The sun is out again and it's very sticky weather, still hot, humid and windy. I think it's trying to trick us :rolleyes:
  15. Last night in Arguineguin around 11/12pm we had some light rain showers but nothing crazy, during the night I'm sure it rained a little too. The sky is pretty grey today although as I type this, it seems the sun is trying to pop it's head out. Las Palmas seems to have had some heavy rain judging by the photographs today in local newspaper Canarias7

    Let's see how the day continues, although I think the south-west is rain free for now. Temperatures are still warm around 25/26 degrees.
  16. After a grey and dull day yesterday, an evening of random showers I woke to sunny skies once again! I do admit to loving a bit of rain and it seems far too long since we have had any, but I love the smell and the island will soon start to look beautiful and green again. :)

    The latest news is that we could have another storm on Thursday, with high winds in the mountainous areas of the island.

    If you are trying to get some sun on your bones and tan, make the most of it today, it's hot hot hot.
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  17. AEMET have now placed another yellow weather warning for tomorrow for high winds in the mountains and heavy rain all over the island. It's been very humid lately and it's possible that the evenings could cool down quite a bit, we are almost in October after all.

    At the moment in Arguineguin, the sun is hot, shining through the clouds and there is no wind. A great tanning day! :)
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    Hope the bad weather will pass in a hurry. :)
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  19. Already this week we have had a rain warning but, AEMET have put another in place for Thursday 27th September.

    The yellow weather warning for heavy rain is for the whole of Gran Canaria and a high winds warning for the mountainous zones of the island with wind speeds up to 70 km/h. As you can see the other islands are also affected.



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  20. A beautiful start to the day in Arguineguin, people out and about early for the school run, many in shorts and t-shirts. The sun is shining, it's warm and although there are some clouds around, no rain here yet.. Apparently Tenerife has has a soaking this morning though, I think the rain is coming from North to South direction this time so I will keep you posted.
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