Heladerias Gelizia - El Mirador Shopping Center

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  1. Today was a day for a naughty treat, that treat was found at Heladerias Gelizia in El Mirador shopping center, Telde. After a whizz round Primark, Estadio Sport and Foot Locker, it was that time of the day when you start thinking of coffee or something tasty.

    [IMG]Heladerias Gelizia with it's uber trendy design took my eye and so I sat down at the 'doorbell' table. Yes, they have a little buzzer connected to each table so that when you are ready to order you press the call button. I think this is somehow attached to the waiters, my waiter had a strange watch on so it probably gives him a beep when it's time to order. I'm not sure of the exact science but it's a great idea.

    The specials of Gelizia seem to be the ice-creams (obviously) crepes and gofres. The huge tubs of Nutella were what initially drew me in, so it seemed rude not to order a chocolate waffle.

    10 out of 10 for presentation (and taste), which I think you will agree from the image below! The name 'Gelizia' spelled out in chocolate sauce with strawberry jam 'dotting the i's'. This is one Gofre I will never forget! If you need some energy pre or post shopping in El Mirador then make sure to try one, take a friend there's plenty for 2!


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