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Discussion in 'Members Introductions' started by Gran Canaria Blog, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Hello all! I made this section so that new members can make a new thread and introduce themselves to the rest of the forum. :) If you are unsure of any functions please ask me.

    I'm one of the admins of Gran Canaria Forum, I'm on here everyday, I'm a bit of a weather geek so I hang out in the Gran Canaria Weather threads quite a bit, but I also love taking photos and exploring the island.

    If you have any general questions about Gran Canaria please do not post them in here, this is purely to say hi.
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  2. Hello to our new members! I see a few of you are a bit shy but please feel free to start a new thread in the intro section and say a quick hi! I'd be glad to help with any of your questions about Gran Canaria :)
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