I want to move to and work in Gran Canaria

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  1. Do you want to live and work in Gran Canaria? Many people do contact us and ask what is the best way to take the leap and for advice.

    Facts first. 1 in every 3 people in the Canary Islands are unemployed, so whilst you may want to get away from your boring 9-5, think carefully as it may be that you will not find the job you are hoping for when you arrive if any!

    Do you speak Spanish? If you are still pondering the move, take a night class in Spanish and get the gist of the language, it goes a long way with the locals if you can make light conversation. Plus if you are looking for a 'real job' or 'normal job' (not in Tourism) then you will need to be fluent.

    Many tourism based jobs, DJ, hotel entertainer, reception, bar and restaurant jobs can have unsociable hours, are you prepared for that?

    If you are interested in working as a Rep in Gran Canaria, I advise you to check out tour companies websites such as TUI and Thomas Cook. They are now taking on staff for 2013 which include jobs such as Children's Rep, Entertainers, Holiday Reps, Soccer Coach and so on... if this is more up your street then I would suggest taking this route. You can usually choose 3 destinations if you are offered the job, although you may not end up in Gran Canaria, it's worth it if you are looking to travel.

    Do you have any questions about living and working in Gran Canaria? Please ask away, I will try to help.
  2. amie New Member

    Hi there. Wondering if you could help me! I have been to Gran Canaria several times on holidays and have decided to move over with my partner in April 2013. He is a panel beater, is there much demand over there for this kind of job? I am looking to work in schools/playschools/private english lessons. I know schools close in summer like in Ireland, so just wondering what months would be the best time to find a job like this?

    Also i don't wan't to rent an apartment off an agency as not too keen on paying an extra months rent as a fee. How could i go about renting off someone privately?

    Any help if possible would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Hi Amie welcome to the forum! Firstly which area of the island are you looking to move to? Prices vary depending on the area, for example Puerto Rico may be more expensive than say Arguineguin. Do yourself and your partner speak Spanish?
    There are garages all over the island but I think it would be a case of going in and asking for work, hence the need for the language. The oficina de empleo in San Fernando posts jobs on a small board, so you could look there.

    Regards looking for private rentals, you should look for houses or apartments that have a sign in the window that say 'Se aquila' (for rent) they usually have a contact number underneath.

    Schools close from around mid-June until around the first week in October, the Summer holidays are a bit longer here. Although some children still have private language classes throughout the Summer or after school.

    Is it possible that you could have a 2 or 3 week 'holiday' before you do a big move and find bearings first? It may be that the jobs are in a different part of the island than what you had planned to move to, for example if you find a teaching job in the North of the island, it is very unlikely that you will want to commute from the south every day or vice versa?

    Unemployment is very high here with 1 in 4 out of work so that's a big decision to make for your family.

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