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  1. It's July in Gran Canaria, so what is there to say, except that the weather is beautiful and the breeze from the Atlantic Ocean is welcoming. It's amazing to be lucky enough to live in such a wonderful place, but sometimes a day off is just what's needed for me to absorb the island and have a 'tourist day'.

    What do I like to do on these 'tourist days' you ask? Well, I prefer to leave the mountains for the Winter, which is my favourite season (and I might see some snow!) so Puerto Rico is always a nice day out, maybe to one of the beach clubs such as La Mar Beach Club or Amadores Beach Club Spa.

    Las Meloneras is lovely of an evening, great for strolling on the promenade alongside the sunset and then having a cold drink whilst people watching, from one of the promenade cafes. On very hot days I enjoy getting out of the heat and spending a day shopping in one of the fully air conditioned Shopping Centers such as C.C Atlantico in Vecindario where you can shop, eat and go to the cinema.


    Above all my favourite thing to do is jump into a refreshing, turquoise swimming pool like the one pictured above (taken at La Mar Beach Club, Puerto Rico) and float my worries away.

    What do you love to do on holiday in Gran Canaria or if you live here, on your day off?

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