Photos of the Day: Patalavaca to Anfi del Mar Beach Walk

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  1. Some of my favourite coastal walks are along the rugged Mogán coastline. Patalavaca, a small resort between Arguineguin and Anfi del Mar has 2 beaches (Patalavaca and Don Paco) which provide and excellent place to relax and walk.

    There are several restaurants on the promenade of Patalavaca, plus a supermarket to grab a cold drink if you fancy walking along to Anfi Beach.

    Patalavaca Beach


    Don Paco Beach


    I think it's a common misconception that you must own timeshare to visit Anfi del Mar. That's not true, of course there are a few readers of this blog I'm sure that own timeshare with Anfi and it's such a beautiful resort, but the beach is public and anyone can spend the day there.

    Anfi Beach



    There is a bus stop just outside of Anfi del Mar and a taxi rank making it easy to get to at your own pace, from other resorts. There are numerous restaurants on the beach ranging from Mexican to Indian food and snacks. If you like spicy food I recommend a visit to Mensaab Indian restaurant which is a little further on from the beach past the harbour at Anfi. There is also a supermarket for any beach snacks you may need and water sports and ferry from the beach.

    Have you visited Anfi beach? Maybe you own timeshare and have enjoyed some holidays there? What do you love about it?

    Click here for a bonus photo - a panoramic vista of Anfi del Mar :)

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    I have once been at Anfi. I dont know what it is called in english, but we did see som apartments. We saw the penthouseapartment and it was hughe! Afterwards we had some sunbathing at the beach. Very nice place, but I dont like timeshare at all!
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  3. Timeshare isn't for everyone, but I think that if it's something you are interested in buying then you can research from home and read reviews before you arrive in resort, I'm sure there are forums for that type of thing also. I personally wouldn't buy timeshare but family of mine have done so in the past and have visited Anfi with the company they used. I just like to go to Anfi for the beach and sometimes a nice meal - many people still don't know that it's a public beach and you can go anytime.

    It's great for photos :)
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  4. Miss Norway Active Member

    Yes, its very nice there! :)

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