Sioux City Wild Western Theme Park, Gran Canaria

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  1. Experience a Wild West Adventure and get a taste of Hollywood as you walk in Clint Eastwood's footsteps and swagger through the streets of the original film set of a 'Fist Full of Dollars', which is now been put to very good use.

    You will have a very entertaining evening out at a western-theme park that offers a wild-west town with a saloon, bank, general store, sheriff's office, church, houses, Indian reserve, buffalos and much, much more.

    Enjoy a free BBQ feast and free drinks on this Wild West theme night!

    Trip days: Friday
    Adults - €55.00
    Children (3-12yrs) €25.00
    0-2yrs - FREE

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    You can also visit Sioux City in the day time 'excluding meals and drinks' if you prefer and it's also slightly cheaper, so it could be better for you if you are on a budget (from 21€)

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