Summer sales in Gran Canaria

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  1. The Summer sales in Gran Canaria are starting this year on 2nd July and will continue until 2nd September. It’s a great time to look for bargains in Gran Canaria and the magic word to looks for on shop windows is ‘Rebajas’. Usually in the shop sales there are levels, so at first the discount may only be 25%, the month after 30-40% and at the end of the sales it’s very common to see 75% discounts in the shops.

    Shops like Primark which have discounted prices all year round, do still have a sale, but on a normal day there are sale rails, although you may find a bargain on something that is classed out of season. Zara and Mango are good shops to look for sales as is Blanco. The online Summer sales have started already, already have their 50% sale advertised, with dresses at great prices around 8€, FREE SHIPPING to all of Spain, plus you get 10€ credit for registering to their newsletter!

    KIABI the clothing shop in C.C Las Terrazas always has great prices, but you can also buy online at KIABI and they have great deals on bikinis at just 3,99€ per top or bottom with FREE postage!

    Although there are no New Look shops in Gran Canaria you can still buy online and with FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE it’s tempting. They have some great discounts on for the Summer including Abbey Dawn shoes and clothing designed by Avril Lavigne, party dresses, shoes, and clothes for when it gets a bit cooler like chunky knit cardigans.


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  2. The sales are starting here tomorrow (Monday) don't forget - hope you find a nice bargain! :)
  3. The Summer sales have begun here in Gran Canaria - there are signs indicating sales 'Rebajas' in nearly all of the shops, since 1st July and they will continue until 31st August. I recently purchased some trainers in Estadio Sport Vecindario (Atlantico Center) they have some good reductions on already cheap trainers. Adidas for 22€! Carrefour in Vecindario had lots of garden furniture on sale also, colourful garden chairs and seating.
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  4. 1 more month of Summer sales here in Gran Canaria - have you bought any bargains? Sales will probably be in main shopping centers such as C.C El Tablero and C.C Atlantico in Vecindario (nearest to the south) and then the non touristy shopping centers all over the island.
  5. We are in the last few days of sales, so if you have been putting off looking for bargains, now is the time. Natura had 50% off certain items when I looked a couple of days ago, they have lovely quality clothes if you are looking for something a little bit hippy chic and different.

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