Video: Sunset over Anfi del Mar - 23/03/13

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  1. After a hard day at the office it was time for a nice stroll somewhere and what better somewhere than the promenade connecting Anfi del Mar - Patalavaca - Arguineguin.

    I wanted to check out the sunset and appreciate the warmth that we have on the island for this time of year, whilst other parts of Europe are covered in frosty snow and ice.

    I hope you enjoy this video of the sun setting to the left of Anfi del Mar, it's my first HD video on YouTube (make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on any videos) after a camera upgrade so I do hope you enjoy the sound also of the waves.

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  2. Miss Norway Active Member

    Beautiful! :D Just came back from Thailand, but Gran Canaria is still my favourite. <3
  3. GCForum Administrator

    Thank you! Oh did you have a good time in Thailand? :)
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  4. Miss Norway Active Member

    Yes, I did have a very good time. :) Very warm, good food, and a nice hotel. :)

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