Which is the best GC Weather site?

Discussion in 'Gran Canaria Weather' started by Norrin Rad, Jun 1, 2012.

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    I've looked at a few but do any locals know which is the most accurate?
  2. The best Gran Canaria Weather site? Well depending on which area of the island, but if you are looking for the South of Gran Canaria, more specifically Mogán area which includes Mogan, Arguineguin, Puerto Rico then you can check here:

    I find AEMET are the most accurate with regards to UV index, chance of rain and weather warnings http://www.aemet.es/en/eltiempo/prediccion/municipios/mogan-id35012 if you are looking for other parts of the island you can change it in the drop down link.

    Webcams are a great way to tell how the live weather is in Gran Canaria. Many Gran Canaria weather forecasts online are geared toward Las Palmas which can be significantly different in temperature to the south. For example Las Palmas has quite a lot of cloud cover and the mountains can be very cold in the Winter (yes we've had minus temperatures) but at the same time in the south of Gran Canaria it could be 28ºc degrees!


    This forum ;) is also the best GC weather site as it's updated by me, who is actually here and can see and feel how hot it is. I report mainly from the South-west of the island but will also comment on other areas too.
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    Thanks Little Miss Sunshine - good links.

    Am I allowed to add another good one ? http://weather.grancanaria.info/ - That site has weather from 3 locations on GC. Most of the others just seem to cover the Airport.
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  4. You're welcome Silver Surfer ;) yes that's also a good one to check out.
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    You've exposed my true identity! Now I'll need to leave the galaxy.
    Any good intergalactic websites out there?
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